Personal Health Consultations

June 2017: Due to my busy summer teaching schedule, I am currently not accepting any new clients.-D

I’m available for one-on-one consultations under the guidance of my mentor, herbalist Abrah Arneson, CHT, RH. Although I have been studying herbs for quite a number of years, working clinically is it’s own art & I’m blessed to have a skilled practitioner to apprentice under. I am in my third year of a supervised clinical apprenticeship program & currently have over 200 supervised clinical hours.

What this means: I have not just taken a 6 week on-line course and call myself a “Master Herbalist”. I take working with others seriously and it’s imperative for me to come from a place of integrity with this. I have had my fair share of chronic health challenges that have set me on this path of Herbalism, so I know what it’s like to be in the other chair, so to speak.

What this looks like: you and I sit down together and go through a thorough health history and discuss any areas where you have challenges. Be prepared for 1.5-1.75 hours-we go through all systems of the body as well as looking at eyes, tongue, and pulse to see how I can best support you, & make recommendations accordingly.

I then prepare a protocol that I discuss with and is approved by my mentor before I send it on to you. This could include dietary suggestions, supplementation or additional nutrients, and most likely botanicals in a form that’s going to serve you best.

Whether you are having digestive issues, fatigue, you are over-stressed, have hormonal “stuff” going on and what you are doing just isn’t cutting it, let’s see how we can personalize a protocol just for you.


Contact me for details!


Urban Medicine Garden Consults

Interested in growing medicinal herbs here in the city and don’t know where to start? I am available by consult to give you some tips on what you can grow & easily use as medicine in your space or community garden.

I have a certificate somewhere along the way that grants me the title “Certified Organic Master Gardener” (Royal Roads University & Gaia College) where I learned a lot of gardening theory (some of which is inarguably useful but much is beyond my application, and likely yours, as a backyard herb gardener). The plants have & continue to teach me so much more and this is what I feel I can share with you.

If you’d like is some guidance on planting/planning a medicinal herb garden in our zone 3b climate specifically, give me a shout.