I feel it’s important to know about who you might be working with or learning from. So here’s a bit about me  (the concisest I could possibly manage):

I began studying herbs & plant medicine 19 years ago. I’ve worked with plants & flowers in one way or another for over 20 years-from greenhouses to floral design, to backyard gardens and plant medicine. I’ve followed my love and my lifelong curiosity about plants and it’s led me to herbalism.

I grew up here in Edmonton within the Ukrainian Canadian community. I spent 20 years living in my birthplace: the verdant Vancouver Island. Living on either side of the Rockies (& hailing from different cultural backgrounds) has given me two very different & often seemingly opposing perspectives that I feel have greatly formed the unique-ness that is me–and I feel that “middle way” informs a lot of how I relate to people & how I practice.

My particular interest is in the mind/body connection between the imbalances of our current North American “A-type” driven lifestyles–overwork, stress, burnout, and our loss of connection and purpose and how this manifests as physical disharmony in the body.

I love how plant medicine can support health in the places where it can fall through the cracks of our current medical system–things like fatigue, burn out, stress & anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and sleep challenges.

Like weeds popping up through the cracks in the city sidewalks, herbs can be utilized to support our areas of weakness and how that manifests in the body/mind, bringing balance to our personal ecology along with lifestyle and dietary strategies. (Along with play. And passion doesn’t hurt either. If you don’t have the energy for that, let’s talk.;))

Welcome. How can I support you on your journey?

Dionne Jennings,

your YEG Community Herbalist

Dionne In Hops