Cannabis as Medicine

Cannabis as Medicine: 2 great options for education & participation!

The Edmonton Herb Club is pleased to partner with Herbalist & Educator Jeananne Lang bringing us Cannabis As Medicine this November. Cannabis, like any other herb, has a long history of traditional use as food, clothing, & medicine. Let’s leave the reefer madness behind & explore the medicinal aspect of cannabis in a grounded, factual & sensible approach to it’s use for various health conditions.

Cannabis As Medicine is open to anyone–we have two options to join in-just pick which one is the right fit for you!

Cannabis As Medicine: A Herbal Primer. Friday, Nov 17th, 7-9pm.   Everyone Welcome!

More than 70 years of prohibition has not stopped people from utilizing Cannabis as a powerful and effective medicine.

As the legal medicinal cannabis industry gears up in Canada, people of all ages are turning to this ancient medicine in the hopes that they can use cannabis to manage their symptoms and disease processes without the debilitating side-effects of some pharmaceutical drugs.

In this evening workshop, Join Master Herbalist Jeananne Lang as she covers the basics of cannabis as medicine, busts persistent cannabis myths, and digs into a few of the health concerns where cannabis really excels as a medicine.

This evening is open to anyone in the general public who wants factual information from a practicing professional & better education on what cannabis is, what it does well, & how to move through the channels we have currently here in Canada to use & obtain it legally.

*This evening is also a prerequisite for the certification course offered Saturday, Nov 18th: see below.

DATE: Nov 17, 2017*
TIME: Fri evening 7-9 pm
COST: $35

LOCATION:  Roots On Whyte Conference Room, Old Strathcona, Edmonton, AB.
INSTRUCTOR:  Jeananne Laing, Master Herbalist

*This evening is available as a stand alone or part of a larger 2 part course. If you want to know even more or are a practitioner who wants to educate themselves to support their clients, join us on Saturday as well to dig even further:

Cannabis Medicine for Health Practitioners & Herbalists. Sat Nov 18th 10-4 (in addition to Friday Nov 17th 7-9pm)

This ground breaking workshop will provide sound, practical knowledge on the safe and effective use of Cannabis to treat a wide variety of health issues.

We will cover legalities, contraindications, treatment plans, dosing and much more.

This certificate program is suitable for Herbalists, Nutritionists, Nurses, Naturopathic Doctors, TCM Doctors, and anyone contemplating the use of or giving advice on the use of Cannabis as medicine.

(This course is also open to auditing by anyone who wants to dig deeper into Cannabis as Medicine, but doesn’t require a certificate. See registration options below).

DATE: Nov 17 & 18, 2017
TIME: Fri evening 7-9 pm & Sat all day 10am – 4pm
COST: $160/$135.

$160 including certificate from Lodgepole School of Wholistic Studies. A certificate will be issued upon completion of a take home exam (based on workshop content). (Prerequisite: Cannabis as Medicine: A Herbal Primer on Friday evening. Friday evenings class is included in the price.)

Interested in joining but not in certification? $135 w/no certificate (registration also includes Friday evening).

LOCATION:  Roots On Whyte Conference Room, Old Strathcona, Edmonton, AB.
INSTRUCTOR:  Jeananne Laing, Master Herbalist

About our Instructor: Jeananne Laing is a Master and Clinical Herbalist and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach based in Calgary. Jeananne is co-founder of Lodgepole School, President of the Alberta Herbalists Association and an Alberta representative for the Canadian Council of Herbalists Association.

Jeananne’s interest in Cannabis as medicine began many years ago when she discovered that taking a small amount of marijuana prior to a public speaking project in high school took away debilitating anxiety and allowed her to actually enjoy the task, rather than being paralyzed with fear. With the recent change in Canadian laws, Jeananne has been able to turn her herbal attention to teaching about the healing benefits of cannabis.

Jeananne spends a good portion of her time as a Cannabis Educator at the Harvest Medicine Clinic in Calgary.


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