Cannabis As Medicine: Certificate Course for Practitioners and Public Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

Cannabis as Medicine in Edmonton: Saturday Feb 2 OR Feb 3, 2019

Back by Popular Demand!

The Edmonton Herb Club is pleased to partner with Herbalist & Educator Jeananne Laing and bring Cannabis As Medicine back to Edmonton in February 2019.

Cannabis, like any other herb, has a long history of traditional use as food, clothing, & medicine. With legalization in Fall 2018, more and more people have questions about cannabis-whether it help certain health conditions, the why’s and hows of how it may do that, and how best to access it and use it.

Let’s leave the reefer madness behind & explore the medicinal aspect of cannabis in a grounded, factual & sensible approach to it’s use for various health conditions.

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Cannabis As Medicine: Saturday Feb 2 OR Feb 3, 2019     9:30-5pm

Everyone Welcome!

This innovative workshop will provide sound, practical knowledge on the safe and effective use of cannabis and how it can be used to treat a wide variety of health issues.

This is a foundational workshop that lays the groundwork for understanding the therapeutic aspects of cannabis. The content is targeted for both Health Care Practitioners & lay people who are interested more about the science supporting how cannabis can support various health conditions.

We will cover:

-The Endocannabinoid System of the body
-Differentiating between cannabis strains
-Chemical profiles of cannabis strains & their affect on the body
-Delivery methods, & differentiating various methods for different conditions
-Treatment plans
-…and more!

This certificate program is suitable for Herbalists, Nutritionists, Nurses, Naturopathic Doctors, or TCM Doctors to better understand how cannabis can and may be used by their clients, or anyone contemplating the use of or giving advice on the use of cannabis as medicine.

This course is also open to anyone (non-practitioners & general public) who wants a better understanding of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis & how to legally access it.

DATE: Sat Feb 2nd OR Sunday Feb 3rd, 2019. Please note that Saturday the 2nd is full & we are only accepting registration for Sunday at this time. We need a commitment of 20 registrations in order to make the Sunday event run! Sign up today!
TIME: Saturday 9:30 am – 5pm
COST: Earlybird Registration 165$* before September 30, 2018

*Includes certificate from Lodgepole School of Wholistic Studies. A certificate will be issued upon completion of a take home exam (based on workshop content). May be eligible for CEU’s with your professional organization-please check with your individual organization.

LOCATION: Roots On Whyte Conference Room, Old Strathcona, Edmonton, AB.
INSTRUCTOR: Jeananne Laing, Master Herbalist

**Edmonton’s Cannabis as Medicine in November 2017 filled within a matter of days with an extensive wait list. Interested in attending in 2019? Register today!**

About our Instructor: Jeananne Laing is a Master and Clinical Herbalist and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach based in Calgary. Jeananne is co-founder of Lodgepole School, President of the Alberta Herbalists Association and past Alberta representative for the Canadian Council of Herbalists Association.

Jeananne’s interest in Cannabis as medicine began many years ago when she discovered that taking a small amount of marijuana prior to a public speaking project in high school took away debilitating anxiety and allowed her to actually enjoy the task rather than being paralyzed with fear. With the recent change in Canadian laws, Jeananne has been able to turn her herbal attention to teaching about the healing benefits of cannabis.

In 2017 Jeananne completed the Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine program at TMCI Global, The Medical Cannabis Institute and LIFT’s Retail Cannabis Training course. She is currently a Cannabis Educator at Harvest Medicine Clinic in Calgary and spends a good portion of her time traveling & educating on Cannabis as Medicine to Health professionals across Canada. For more information visit

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